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Friday, August 31, 2012

Some limitations Of DWR

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DWR is a great technology to add interactive AJAX calls to your application. The best thing about DWR is, it works with wide range of browsers and you don't need to bother about browser dependent code. While the run time DWR generate the intermediate java-script to call your server methods. But selecting DWR is a tricky task and you need to take care of the following aspects of your application. Recently I came across the following few thing..

  • I was trying point my javascript to a different apache server using RewriteRule in apache and tomcat or application server was still there in my local machine. But the DWR was not working.. May be there will be some configuration to make this happen.

  • Same way I pointed the application server to a different server using ProxyPass in apache. And the same thing happended to me. The DWR was not working. Basically I thing if you are using DWR, your javascript and the application should be hosted in the same server.

  • If you are using SOA(Service Oriented Architecture), then this a bad idea to use DWR, as you can not make cross context calls.

I am posting to get solution for all these problems if any.

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